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Food Safety

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Veg-Way Produce is heavily invested in food safety and product traceability initiatives. We are a HACCP accredited facility and are annually tested.

Veg-Way Produce has the capability of easily tracking our products back to individual growers/shippers and to actual farms. This is essential in the event of a recall to be able to identify the lot, contain it and minimize the impact on the industry and on the customer.

Our suppliers and customers alike know when they trust Veg-Way Produce, they are partnering with a leading-edge company that ensures the tests, controls and records are in place to guarantee the highest levels of food safety.

HACCP - HACCP is a management tool that provides a more structured approach to the control of identified hazards than that achievable by traditional inspection and quality control procedures. It has the potential to identify areas of concern where failure has not yet been experienced and is, therefore, particularly useful for new operations.