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Our History

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The original roots of Veg-Way Produce date back over 30 years ago. The founder David Halbouni started a family owned and run business in a modest small shop in downtown London called D&C Produce. Through the support of a strong family backing and the loyalty and support of a strong customer base, David was able to acquire the amalgamations of Medway Creamery and Patra Business Supplies. Thus giving the company the ability to provide its customer a vast array of products which includes, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, eggs, cheeses, frozen products, oils, imports, full line of processed fruits and vegetables, paper products, cleaning supplies, and industrial supplies. These amalgamations created a parent company called Forest City Food Distributors. In 2011, David Halbouni entered into retirement after over 30 years of loyal service to his patrons. David's successor was his eldest son Mike Halbouni, who had worked hand-in-hand with his father for over 20 years. Mike looked to continue the proud tradition that his father had set forth after 30 years of business. Veg-Way Produce was created as a modern version of the old-time foundation of D&C Produce.

Our Facilities

Our Distribution Centre is a 25,000 square foot facility located in the heart of downtown London. The facility caters to our ever-growing retail and foodservice accounts. Our facility offers value-added services such as cross-docking, storage and delivery options to many program customers and suppliers. The facility has multiple climate specific controlled coolers catering to the freshness and longevity of the produce its carrying. Our delivery trucks support temperature controlled reefer systems, ensuring that produce arrives to the customers in the way that it came from the coolers. FRESH!