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    Facilitiy Image Veg-Way Produce plays a central role in the success of many restaurants in the South Western Ontario area. Our fresh produce and dairy inventory is vast and comprehensive. Apart from our standard items, Veg-Way Produce has hard-to-find fresh produce as well as seasonal and connoisseur produce. We afford our customers many competitive benefits, including these critical three: First, we procure our fresh produce before other fresh produce companies in London, permitting our customers to be protected from unexpected price jumps. Second, the streamlined structure of our Company permits us to sustain lower fixed costs than many produce suppliers. We transfer those savings onto you. Third, we have numerous produce distributors, including local growers, ensuring our clients have an adequate stock of the fresh produce they require. By dealing directly with growers and farmers, we insure that we receive the freshest produce available. We specialize in higher-quality produce for a clientele that demands the best and most diverse selection available. But we also cater to single unit locations that need nothing more exotic than lettuce and tomatoes. Become a customer and start enjoying the benefits of being affiliated with Veg-Way Produce, the leading fresh produce supplier to the restaurant industry in the London and Surrounding area. We deliver 7 days a week. Read More


    Products Image At Veg-Way Produce we partner with our local growers to distribute homegrown produce into the waiting hand of restaurants and retailers throughout Ontario. We take great pride in supporting our network of local farmers, as we are one of the largest wholesale distributors of locally grown produce in the area... Read More


    VW Award Image Veg-Way Produce is a community focused company that is driven by a set of core values that serve as guardrails throughout our entire business. It is these values that drive the culture of the organization which can best be described as passionate, product-focused people intent on earning its customer loyalty every single day... Read More